Club Operations During the Corona Lock-down from 13.3. onward

Follow this publication to find the club’s instructions during this exceptional situation. The ESB board follows the situation continuously and will update instructions as needed here. Last updated on Tue 26.4.2020.

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ESB ceased its operations from 13.3. onward. What does this mean?

Hereby the main directives from ESB board meeting held on 13.3.

  1. Operations are ceased at least until Wed 13.4. Wed 13.5. and it means the following:
  2. ESB does not offer any kind of coaching during this time.
  3. ESB gives away all court reservations during this time. ESB has no special groups, which would be handed out courts to their use.

These directives are needed so that we can take our part for controlling the spread of the epidemic. We also need to give out all the courts in order to minimize any expenses for the club during the lock-down.

ESB board statement on any refund requests (17.3.2020)

  • The final view on this will be given once the lock-down situation is over, and we have full scale understanding of the consequences. We’ve already noted that other badminton/sport clubs have taken even a no-refund policy due to ”force majoure” clause.
  • ESB board is looking for possibilities for partial refunds.
  • If any refunds will be given, those will be for any future invoices. We are currently not refunding any existing invoices based on the lock-down situation.
  • We would rather look for replacing arrangements like a missed training could be substituted at some other time in another training group.

Shuttlecock Sale

If you have purchased shuttlecocks from and wish those to be delivered, please email so that we can agree a meeting to hand those out to you.

ESB Elite 2020 Tournament is Cancelled

This tournament was planned to be played on 24.-26.4. It has been postponed to 2021.