Pre-booked meals need to be ordered latest on Oct 18, 2019 using the Meal reservation form PDF / WORD and sending it to tournament email
Please remember to mention special meals if needed!

Price per pre-ordered meal is 10 EUR.

Pre-ordered meals need to be paid beforehand to ESB bank account (details in tournament info) or by cash to tournament info desk when picking up the coupons. OBS! Team leader need to pick up all the ordered coupons at once.

There might be limited amount of available meal coupons bought directly from the tournament info desk with price of 11 EUR but this is not guaranteed.

Vihreää salaattia, melonia,
kurkkua ja kirsikkatomaatteja (M,G)
Porkkanaraastetta (M,G)

Talon lasagnea (L)

Sekamehua, vettä
Green salad, melon,
cucumber & cherry tomato (No milk,Gluten-free)
Grated carrots (No milk,Gluten-free)
Bread (No milk)

House lasagne (No lactose)

Juice, water
Kreikkalaista salaattia (L,G)
Punajuurta (M,G)
Leipä (M)

Välimeren kanapastaa (L)
Sekamehua, vettä
Greek salad (No lactose,Gluten-free)
Beetroot (No milk,Gluten-free)
Bread (No milk)

Mediterranean chickenpasta (No lactose)
Juice, water
Kasvis-kuskussalaattia (M,G)
Suolakurkkua (M,G)
Leipä (M)

Spaghetti Bolognese (L)

Sekamehua, vettä
Vegetable-couscous salad (No milk,Gluten-free)
Pickle (No milk,Gluten-free)
Bread (No milk)

Spaghetti Bolognese (No lactose)

Juice, water