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Are you interested in badminton? ESB is one of the biggest badminton clubs in Finland. Come to try badminton in our club. We have groups for every age and level. Everyone interested in badminton will find a training group for their own level.

Feel free to contact us and come for free to trial.


  • Junior membership fee (under 19 years) 25 €
  • Adult membership fee 40 €
  •  Family membership fee 60 € (for people who live in the same address)

If you wish to become a member of ESB, please email laskutus@espoonsulkapallo.net or fill in either the adult or junior (under 19) registration:

If you sign in as a new member to some of our training groups, the membership fee is automatically included in the training group bill.

 Member’s benefits:

* Right to join the training groups
* Right to participate the training camps arranged by ESB
* Right to participate in a monthly free of charge ranking tournament arranged by ESB
* Right to buy shuttle cocks at special price from ESB web shop
* Right to buy Forza-club clothes and other Forza products with club prices –


ESB has groups for every age and level.

Training groups are separated for autumn and spring seasons. Mentioned prices are for one season.

You can ask more info about the groups via email valmennus@espoonsulkapallo.net  The coaches will help you to find the right group for you.


Autumn season 2020 / Mon 24.8.2020 – Sun 20.12.2020
* Autumn holiday Mon 12.10. – Sun 18.10.2020
* Christmas holiday Sat 21.12.2020 – Sun 6.1.2021

Spring season 2021 / Thu 7.1.2021 – Sun 30.5.2021
* Winter holiday week 8 / Mon 22. – Sun 28.2.2021

Groups will start:

Mini- Badminton groups: autumn season 24.8.2020 / spring season 7.1.2021

Junior groups: autumn season  24.8.2020 / spring season 7.1.2021

Adult groups: autumn season  24.8.2020 / spring season 7.1.2021

Senior groups: autumn season  24.8.2020 / spring season 7.1.2021

Match groups (no coaching): autumn season   10.8.2020 / spring season 2.1.2021

Contract players: autumn season 10.8.2020 / spring season 2.1.2021

Groups will start if there are enough players.



Entry to national tournaments (Finnish tournaments).

SSuL:n kilpailemisen aloitusopas
(Beginners guide for a new competition player – only in finnish)

To participate Finnish tournaments you will need a license (BUY HERE – in Finnish only). If you need help with buying license please contact valmennus@espoonsulkapallo.net

Registrate to Finnish tournaments on Tournament Software (TSW) On-Line entry –site.

Every player needs to register in to the system by following the instructions from TSW website. TSW website is also available in English, you can find the flag tag from right up corner.


Practice groups: valmennus@espoonsulkapallo.net

Billing: laskutus@espoonsulkapallo.net

General  : toimisto@espoonsulkapallo.net

Feedback: johtokunta@espoonsulkapallo.net