Meet Our New Board Member: Tarun Sharma

We have an exciting year ahead here at ESB. We’re looking forward to great badminton games, fierce competition & overall fun in this new year (decade). From the board’s viewpoint, we’re excited about 2020 for all the growth possibilities in all club activities, including a possible new coach recruitment, and strong continuum in organizing the major tournaments like ESB Elite 2020 and Finnish Junior 2020.

One of the delights for the start of the year is our new board member Tarun Sharma. He is familiar name in badminton circuits in Helsinki region and many of you probably know him, but in any case here’s briefly about him:

Tarun is an athlete at heart, someone who is passionate about sports and sports development. He has participated at school, college & city/state level and competed in many sports notably (Badminton, Track & Field & Cricket). He still continues to compete in various sports tournament from hobby to competition category. He moved to Finland in 2001 and since then he is based out of Helsinki region with exception of small stints abroad while working for companies such as IBM, Nokia, Microsoft & Tieto. He is married, with 2 kids, who obviously both train & play badminton at ESB, and lives in Espoo.

”Tarun is an excellent add to our board setup. We are very happy to have in our club management a representative, who understands very well the strong Indian & International community in Espoo. Tarun can really help us in developing the club and badminton in Finland with his new viewpoints and vision. He’ll definitely bring new ideas, energy and connections”, says Matti Mäenpää, chairman of the board.

ESB board consists of seven volunteers: six members and a chairman. All current board members are listed here:

Briefly about ESB Club

ESB was founded in 1978. Firstly it operated in multiple schools in Matinkylä area and neighborhood, but as the Matinkylä badminton hall got built in 1988 the club moved most of its operations there. The club has employed many great coaches and developed many great players. ESB has won the Finnish National Club Championships now three times (2012, 2015, 2018). The history of medal achievements here.

We today have over 500 members, ranging from 4 years old to senior players well beyond their 70’ies . We have training sessions for beginners, hobbyists, hobby-competitors, serious competitors and professionals.

The club has quite international atmosphere nowadays as we have many members who have moved to Espoo from variety of countries. Finnish and English are our primary coaching languages, some coaches do also Swedish.

The main club offering are the professional coach led training sessions. Our main coaches are Teguh Imam Santoso, from Indonesia, and Sami Parikka. The Finnish Champion 2019, Eetu Heino, is currently a part-time coach focusing on the very young and young talents. The club employs also other certified coaches in part-time like Essi Saksela, Henri Palmunen, Kia Pakarinen, Lasse Koskinen, Riikka Mäenpää and Samuel Sipilä.

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